Hey, I'm Chandra. 20 y/o. Swedish. Lost kid. Cat-eyed cynic. Carefree. Media enthusiast. Digital Artist & Retoucher from Sweden, currently based in Manchester.

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Q: Hi, I just wanted to say that I love your blog! Have a nice day :))

Hi, thank you. I like yours too.

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fresh ✘ neon ✘ modern
I stay up just late enough until I am just exhausted enough that I can fall into my bed and sink into immediate slumber. Because I can’t stand lying in a bed in a dark room alone with just my thoughts for so many hours and hours
- never seen anthing this relevant  (via ddaannnyy)

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Reblog if you’d care if I killed myself



i tried to scroll past this but that one reblog just might save somebodies life 

I tried to scroll too..


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